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Emily Tallman

This Rhode Island native has wanted to be a storyteller since hearing her first bedtime fairytale.  She asked for a word processor for Christmas at age four and has kept her promise to Santa by writing every day since.

Her first series of books has been set in motion with the hope of making mental illness a more readily accessible topic. She writes characters with mental illness as the heroes with the goal that more people will see themselves as worthwhile individuals and no longer just horror movie villains.

Emily’s love of the supernatural, science fiction, and fantasy will surely be explored in later works of fiction, romance, and children’s books.

Enter the world of Emily Tallman and enjoy! 




Purrsonal assistant, avid key pusher, and future YouTube star.  Go Team!

A tiny Tortie named Rey has joined the writing team at TallsTales. Her lap warming training is well under way as are her mouse moving abilities and accidental page zooming. ...We're still working on that last one. 

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This Is My Brave is a non-profit organization working to end mental health stigma through storytelling. The organization empowers people to share their own stories about living with mental illness through creative work. 

Their mission page states that This Is My Brave believes "one day we will live in a world where we won't have to call it "brave" when talking about mental illness."