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Caught in a Lie


“Hypothetically. I mean… If you have a case… It’s for my paper. Anyway, if you have a patient, a compulsive liar, how do you get them on a better path without ruining their life?

“How do you, as their trusted confidant, tell them to start being honest when you know that everything will blow up in their face? Do you keep the old lies and start fresh or do you take the addiction route and admit the problem and apologize or… or is their something else?”


“Yeah. For the paper.”

“Telling the truth. Your job is to better their way of life. Anyone who can’t understand or only wants to stick around for the lie is not bettering the patient’s life.”

“Telling the truth.” Jaeli breathes out, emptying her lungs and feeling suffocated at the thought. “All of it?”

“I don’t see another option. Do you want to talk about it Jae?”

“I guess I have to.”

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Coming Fall 2019

Image provided by Kat McConnell  www.designkat.com

Image provided by Kat McConnell www.designkat.com

Caught in a Lie

Jaeli Tal struggles with her inability to stop stretching the truth and her realization that some of the stories she has been telling are coming true.